The Full Story

Pas de bourree was one of the first dance steps I struggled to master for a Show Girls routine. Coordinating my hands to move in time with my feet while holding onto huge feather fans and getting my feet to move swiftly back, side, front was challenging and hence the term Pas de bouree stuck around. It stuck around for a very long time. In class, my teacher would get me to do Pas de bourree steps up and down the dance floor and one day I just got it!

Did I mention I started dancing as an adult? So, having no dance experience as a child and taking classes like ballet meant wearing a leotard was very foreign. However, the more I learned dance, the more I loved it, and the more time I spent shopping for leotards or bodysuits. After continuously searching for comfortable dance wear I decided to source it myself. 

In 2019, Pas de bourree dancewear was established as an online store in collaboration with manufactures that have over 10 years experience in making and designing women's dancewear. I brought to my store some of my favourites, the ones I enjoy wearing while practicing or performing. You see, dancewear or dance costume plays a significant part that helps tells the story. You know what they say, fake it till you make it! If you're like me and learning to dance as an adult, wear something that makes you look the part because it gives you the extra boost of confidence. My splits might not be perfect but wearing something that screams out my character gives me motivation to keep training.

Here at Pas de bourree dancewear, you will find the most comfortable and stretchy leotards and bodysuits that move with your body.




To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance.  - Aubrey Lynch